Author: Chaz

Osteopathy for Barry & the Vale

Are you sitting comfortably?

Over the months we’ve had quite a number of Patients presenting with low back, shoulder, neck or other problems (such as headaches & tennis elbow) because they are spending too long sitting at desks which are not properly set up for them. Desks / Chairs should help not hinder our physical and mental well-being. Here…
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What can Osteopathy do for you?

No waiting lists. You can always see an Osteopath soon – same day or next day appointments are possible. You don’t need referral.  It’s no use having to wait weeks for treatment if you are in a lot of pain now.  People often make appointments while waiting for an NHS referral to come through, and…
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Sports Injuries? Let your Osteopath join the team.

I often see people with sports injuries.Osteopathy, in most cases, can help in the overall management. Sports Injuries can be generally divided into either being acute (just happened) or more long-standing overuse injuries with each depending on the symptoms and how they feel to the patient. Acute injuries can be a result of things such…
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Try some Yoga?

Many of my patients present with problems which could be vastly improved by increasing activity levels. This doesn’t mean climbing the Beacons, it simply means getting the heart rate going for ½ hour or more 2 to 3 times a week with fast walking or swimming or maybe a session of something to maintain elasticity…
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Life is movement

Our bodies is very good at adapting to what we do with them.  Do nothing with it; your body gets good at doing nothing! Put your body through a limited range of movement (like in the gym), your body gets good at doing nothing. Joints become restricted and muscles become shortened. The result – an…
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