Author: Chaz

Osteopathy for Barry & the Vale

Life is movement

Our bodies is very good at adapting to what we do with them.  Do nothing with it; your body gets good at doing nothing! Put your body through a limited range of movement (like in the gym), your body gets good at doing nothing. Joints become restricted and muscles become shortened. The result – an…
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We’re all getting older – help!

Don’t sign up for it! I get advised from those older. It’s only natural to get frustrated from the increasing aches & pains, strains and injuries which we feel occur more as we get older. These are partly due to our body naturally losing elasticity and flexibility along with decreased ability to recover as quick…
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Osteopath , Chiropractor, Physio. What’s the difference?

A Perennial question which many have an interpretation on. Instead of reinventing the wheel, here’s a view from a colleague in Scotland holding the same opinion as my own. I hope it helps.  

To Stretch or not to Stretch

Earlier this year a review was published on lack of benefits from stretching. Baxter, C., Mc Naughton, L. R., Sparks, A., Norton, L., & Bentley, D. (2017). Impact of stretching on the performance and injury risk of long-distance runners. Research in Sports Medicine, 25(1), 78-90. Ah, I can hear you now, “no need to stretch…
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Headaches from the Neck! Headaches can have many causes but one such cause is a headache caused by the neck, known as a cervicogenic headache.  The pain from these types of  headache originate in the neck (cervical spine) and then can spread to the base of the skull, side of the head and even around…
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