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Osteopathy for Barry & the Vale

Osteopath , Chiropractor, Physio. What’s the difference?

A Perennial question which many have an interpretation on. Instead of reinventing the wheel, here’s a view from a colleague in Scotland holding the same opinion as my own. I hope it helps.  

6th September 2017 0

To Stretch or not to Stretch

Earlier this year a review was published on lack of benefits from stretching. Baxter, C., Mc Naughton, L. R., Sparks, A., Norton, L., & Bentley, D. (2017). Impact of stretching on the performance and injury risk of long-distance runners. Research in Sports Medicine, 25(1), 78-90. Ah, I can hear you now, “no need to stretch…
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24th May 2017 0


Headaches from the Neck! Headaches can have many causes but one such cause is a headache caused by the neck, known as a cervicogenic headache.  The pain from these types of  headache originate in the neck (cervical spine) and then can spread to the base of the skull, side of the head and even around…
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3rd May 2017 0

Do your homework!

Most Osteopaths will be keen to give you some exercise “homework”, usually in the form of very simple exercises, stretches, hot & cold, simple lifestyle changes etc. This homework is for your benefit not ours; however most of us openly admit not following 100% the prescription. The most common reason being lack of time. We are all busy and nowadays…
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16th March 2017 0

Osteopathy & Pregnancy

As the body changes Pregnancy can bring some challenges to expecting mothers. Common conditions that I have seen are: Lower back pain, Sciatica Pubic Symphysis pain Neck and Shoulder pain Mid back pain Coccyx pain How can Osteopathy help you? Osteopaths are primary healthcare providers and  one of its principle’s is to treat the body’s…
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5th March 2017 0